Australian Mother of 8 dead Children Arrested for Murder

Australian Mother of 8 dead Children – An Australian woman was charged with murder on Sunday in the deaths of seven of her children and her niece, whose bodies were found inside her home, police said.

It’s really terrible to think she was getting the children to help her clear up’: Neighbour tells how mother of dead children dumped toys on the front lawn as town mourns

  • A neighbour said she saw the mother and children clearing out the house the day before the incident
  • The 37-year-old mother Mersane Warria has been charged with eight counts of murder
  • One mother revealed how her daughter narrowly avoided being at the house where eight children were found dead
  • Neighbours believe one of the children who perished was not a member of the family

A woman living beside the house where eight children were stabbed to death has revealed she saw the mother and kids clearing out their home the day before the tragedy occurred.
A neighbour said she saw the mother and a number of children carrying a number of unwanted items out into the street, apparently getting rid of personal possessions.
She said the items included children’s toys, which has left her and other neighbours wondering if something bad was already going through the mother’s mind.

Police haven’t said how the children died, but Queensland Police Detective Inspector Bruno Asnicar said they’re examining several knives in the home that may have been the weapon used to kill them. Suffocation was also a possible cause of death.

Australian Woman Charged With Murder

The children, four girls and four boys, ranged in age from 2 to 14. Warria is the mother of seven of them; the eighth is her niece.

Police were not looking for any other suspects, Asnicar said. A hearing was scheduled for Monday, but Warria was excused from attending. Police planned to oppose any request for bail, Ascinar said.

“This is very raw and it is a very emotive time for everybody,” he said. “The family is deeply upset but the community is pulling together. ”

Asked how the children’s five fathers were coping with the tragedy, Ascinar replied: “I don’t think we need much imagination to understand how they are feeling.”

Dozens of weeping mourners visited a makeshift memorial of flowers, stuffed animals and candles set up in a park next to the family’s home. “My babies, my babies,” one man wailed.

A church service was held on Sunday morning to honor the children and a candlelight vigil was scheduled for the evening.

Australian Mother of 8 dead Children Arrested for Murder

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