August Alsina canceled his London concert

August Alsina picsDue to doctor’s orders August Alsina, canceled his London concert, an event which would have been hosted by Kevin Hart, on Oct. 11.

The reason being that Less than a month after collapsing on stage and falling into a coma for three days, August Alsina canceled his London show, hosted by Kevin Hart, on Oct. 11, per advice from his medical team.


He seems to still be ailing from something, following his horrific collapse on stage in New York on Sept. 15.

The singer, who was also in a coma for three days, has his fans, including us, very worried. Is he okay? Here’s what we know.

Well, With the recent information we gathered, August Alsina is awake form the coma. And now responding positively to treatment.

Here is August Alsina picture when he was recovering from coma:


august alsina wakes from coma
August Alsina wakes from coma

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