Arrest Warrant has been Issued for Tyga’s Arrest

The popular US rapper Tyga real name “Micheal Ray Stevenson” whom his his former landlord is suing him for $480,000 (£365,000) in a case pertaining to alleged unpaid rent and an early break in a lease agreement.

But the court in California summon him to appear in court of which he failed, so cos of that  yesterday morning (August 9) Arrest Warrant has been Issued for Tyga’s Arrest.


According to the Los Angeles Times, when it became apparent that Tyga was skipping yesterday’s hearing, LA County judge Nancy L. Newman issued an arrest warrant with bail set at $10,000 (£7,650).

Tyga is understood to have been served with papers requiring him to appear in court yesterday during a concert in San Diego on July 20. While the rapper was performing on stage at Fluxx Night Club, he was handed a notice explaining that his attendance at the Santa Monica hearing was a legal obligation.

So far Tyga and his camp have yet to respond publicly to news of the arrest warrant.

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