Android Oreo Latest Features & Newest Version

It won’t be bad if you get to know the Android Oreo Latest Features. But before we proceed, let’s say this new iteration of Android brings many new exciting features and other important functionality to your smartphones. However, the search engine (Google) has versions of Android Oreo to enable anyone who wish to patronize.

In addition, the Android Oreo Latest Features is more than what we know as usual in various smartphones we have ever come across. Kindly do yourself well by learning what this Android can do for you.

Android Oreo Latest Features & Newest Version

  1. Higher Power Saver

Android Oreo will let you identify the apps that are eating up most of the power so that you could take due actions to prevent them from doing so. Hence, it one of the best features of Android Oreo which is used.

As we all know that Power saving is one of the biggest challenges for smartphone manufacturers as long as we are concern. But Android is in place in order to serve you better.

More so, this time you will be able to save of the power longer than ever, Oreo’s capability don’t limit the background activities of many apps. Meaning your Phone last longer.

  1. App Searching Tool

The new search function displays the App Info every time you search for an app. The quick info appears in the search results. You can now open the App Info for a particular app quickly and allows you to manage the permissions of the app or delete the cache more easily.

It is actually a help now that Google has introduced a new search functionality to Oreo. You must have noticed that the Settings app already has an integrated search function on most devices.

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  1. Bluetooth Support

This app will actually enable you to share bulk amount of data among the Bluetooth connected phones. But, it is not just about data sharing. The improved Bluetooth functionality will offer superior performance, mitigated latency resulting in much better audio experience.

With the introduction of file-sharing apps like ShareIT that use the device’s hotspot to communicate and share with other available devices in the range, Bluetooth had taken a backseat.

  1. Widget Integration

The device will display the list of available widgets for that app for you to choose. What you have to do is long press the app icon for which you want to add the widget. When making use of the previous Android versions, you will have to comb through the list which was sometimes wide that were laid out in the alphabetical order.

  1. Password Management

Here the inbuilt feature allows you to fill the forms automatically without having to copy and paste the passwords or usernames. Google introduces the Autofill API across the firmware with Android Oreo.

This will enable you to manage all your autofill and passwords from a central location on the device. This means it has bring about fast performance and security.

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  1. Secured and Faster

Oreo is designed to enhance the app performance and make the device faster than ever before. Also. Several tests by the reputed, independent organizations have already validated these claims by Google.

Meanwhile, Security has been one of the primary concerns owing to random threats lurking on the web.

Note: With Oreo, Google intends to make your devices more secure and safer. It comes integrated with Google Play Protect service that runs in the background and detects any malware, viruses and other threats.

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