American DV Lottery 2015 Result is out (www.dvlottery.state.ovg/ESC/)

American DV Lottery

I want to use this medium to inform all that participated in the recent past American DV Lottery registration that the result is out.  I did not just create this article only to inform the release of the  American DV Lottery 2015 results  but also to show you how to Check American DV Lottery 2015 results here.

To check the  American DV Lottery status is very easy and also the interface of the American DV Lottery status checker is user friendly. So you can do it.

How to Check American DV Lottery 2015 results Status:

Follow the steps below and check your Entrant Status

  1. Logo to:  www.dvlottery.state.ovg/ESC/
  2. Wait as the page opens. Now is time to use your confirmation number, In the space below, type the confirmation number that was given when you applied. The Format: 2014xxxxxxxxxxxx or 2015xxxxxxxxxxxx.
  3. Provide the Last/Family Name that was used on the Diversity Visa Lottery Form. If no name was provided, select the option labeled ‘No Last/Family Name’ below.
  4. Provide the year of birth for the primary entrant. Format: YYYY.
  5. Type the characters as they appear in the picture. If the characters are not clear, you can refresh to enable new characters appear.
  6. Click on “Submit”

Click here if you have “Forgot Confirmation Number

Good Luck.

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