Today the world is turning into something else. They are a lot of things happening. what one should always dream off is how to protect his or her property. Many cars are been stolen everyday, in the world today statistics has it that about 200 cars are been stolen everyday. How can this stop, instead of it to stop it gets worse. Many have taken car robbery as life profession. This article Ultimate Security For Your Car – How To Track Your Car Using Mobile Phone will help you to recover your car when stolen.

Don’t you know that by using mobile phone you car track your car. Security is the best. The following are steps to track your car. You can do it your self is simply

Steps To On How To Track Your Car Using Mobile Phone

Step 1

The first step to take is to find a GPS software, examples of some GPS trackers are Google map for mobile, Instamapper and Accutracking etc. Most of these softwares are free.


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Step 2 – Registration

Next step is registration of your details. Chose a service of your choice and register for the service of your choice by going to the website and entering a user name, password, telephone number and valid email address. For Accutracking, you will also need to provide payment details.



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Step 3 – Confirming Your Details

After registration wait for few minutes after registration to confirm by receiving email for text message.

Step 4 – Downloading of App

Use your phone’s web browser, go to the link provided in the email or text message and download the software to your cell phone. Follow the instructions to download it.



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Step 5

Then log to the website and login with your details. You will see a detailed street map with a blinking dot and your user name next to it. The dot is the cell phone and you can now follow it anywhere it goes in the world. Any of the programs will provide a complete 30-day history of movement and Accutracking will also provide details such as average speed, average stop times and detailed, downloadable reports.


Step 6


Finally place the cell phone in any hidden part of the car. Under the car seat or in the back of the glove compartment or trunk if you don’t want the driver to know that you are tracking him.



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