The Ultimate Love Reality TV Show has a number of males and females placed in a secluded location known as the “Love Pad”, with hopes that they will find life-long love. The contestants will have to compete and carry out different tasks and win the votes of the public.

One of the unique features of the Ultimate Love show is the presence of “Aunty” who is very much like Big Brother. But we know that the BigBrother is unseen, whereas ‘Aunty” is visible and she’s Adesuwa Onyenokwe.

Ultimate Love Reality TV Show

About Ultimate Love Reality TV Show Nigeria

The Ultimate Love Reality TV Show is about LOVE LOVE LOVE. On this show has Ten males and Ten females placed in a designed environment with hopes that they will find a reason to mingle and fall in love.

This is the first season of the show by Multichoice Nigeria. It kicked off on Sunday, February 9, 2020.

Ultimate Love Live Streaming Channels and Time

Online streaming isn’t available for the reality TV show. Also, only Multiscoice products (DSTV and GoTv) you can find and watch the live show.

The ultimate love reality show will be aired on DSTV channel 198. The channel is available on the;

  • DSTV Yanga bouquet with the sun of N2,500
  • DSTV family bouquet with the sum of N4,000 naira only.
  • Also on other bigger DSTV plans (Confam, Compact, Compact Plus, and Premium)
  • You can also watch it on GOTV channel 29 which is available on the GOTV Plus package available at the cost of N1,900 naira only.

As for the streaming time, the show remains live 24/7.

How to Vote Your Favorit Ultimate Love House Mates

Similar to BigBrother Naija, It is weekly voting, giving the viewers to vote (save) their favorite housemate to remain and possibly emerge the winner of the reality show.

Steps to vote will be updated soon next.

Winners and Prizes

Aunty expects to get couples at the end of the ultimate love reality tv show, that is the main aim after all. The winning gains the following prizes;

  1. True love – winning each other’s hearts
  2. Winning an all-expense-paid traditional wedding ceremony. You can imagine how it is going to be, their wedding will be the talk of the town, calibers of celebrities will be showing, remember the couple is get everything zero cost fee.
  3. A fully furnished house for the couple – with the condition that they commit to getting married. If not it is going to be a cash prize.
  4. Of course, plenty of endorsements follow.

Let’s give a break down of the shows’ differences and similarities.

Big Brother Naija Vs Ultimate Love

Since the Ultimate love Nigeria Show started, we’ve got a recurring question on board.

Many are asking and contemplating that if this show (Ultimate love) is a replacement (some say rebrand) of BBNaija Tv show. So this is why we want to make it clearer here.


  • Both TV reality shows are from MultiChoice Nigeria.
  • There will always be just ONE winner. Please note that the couple becomes one in the Ultimate love Reality TV Show.
  • Both shows are 27/7 streaming on DSTV and GOTV


  • The aim of the shows are different;

    Ultimate Love: aim to culture and nurture singles to have reason to fall in love with each other, and to create a strong and everlasting (understanding) couples. It is about LOVE!
    BBNaija show: is a one-man show and with the aim of rebranding, nurturing talents from different fields of specialties. It is about growing talents
  • The prizes to win differ.
  • Each contestant on BBNaija has major goals like; to the money, to be known, and to boost their career. Even if any later fall in love (they are on their own), yet it is still a signal-struggle show. Whereas in Ultimate Love; you fight for love, love is the ultimate goal – while winning other material things becomes jara.
  • A married person is not allowed to participate in the “Ultimate Love reality TV show”.

It’s not a replacement or rebrand of BigBrother Naija because the show owners haven’t said so. Until it is officially announced that it is, but as of when this post was published Ultimate Love show is another (additional) show.

Stay Tuned – If you are interested to get more gist about this show.

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