If you are a first-time traveller, there is every chance you don’t know what to do and what not to do before and during your travels. This is why I want to bring to you the best travel tips for first-time travellers. There isn’t anything to scare you when you are travelling to a new place. All you need to do is to make inquiries and be equipped with the right amount of information before you embark on your journey.

Travelling is very beneficial. It exposes you to people of different backgrounds, cultures, religion and social relationship. These different experiences make a traveller more experienced and exposed than the ordinary person who doesn’t travel.

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So, if you have made up your mind that you are to travel for the first time and you don’t want to experience the first time travelling anxiety. If you are good to go, let’s show you how.

Top Travel Tips For First Time Travellers

Below are the best 5 travel safety tips you need to bear in mind before travelling.

1. Know Your Country’s Embassy Details

Before you travel anywhere in the world, you need to be informed of the full details of your country’s embassy in the country you are travelling to. There could be many unpredictable events that could come up during your travels that you may not know how to handle. The best solution could be to meet up with your country’s embassy in your host country.

2. Read Up On The Country Before You Travel

A lot of travellers overlook this very vital travel safety tip. Every country have their way of life. There are certain things you do in your own country that may not be permissible in another country. This makes it vital for you to know about the country before you travel to it.

For instance, there are certain places you can’t take alcohol in Dubai or you will charged. So, knowing about the country’s way of life, what is obtainable and what is not, will prepare you so well before you travel. Don’t overlook this.

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3. Get Travel Insurance

This is another area the first time travellers do not even consider. However, having your travelling insurance is very vital. It could save you from lots of things. For instance, in the event of loss of luggage, your travel insurance can cover this. So, if you never thought of this before, your lucky day!

4. Be Friendly, Even If You Aren’t Friendly

Do I need to say this? Well, yes. Some people forget to put on their friendly appearance when they travel. You shouldn’t. You travel to a country or city you know nothing about, it will be dangerous to act stupid and behave like a superhero. You could run into challenges and face unplanned circumstances. If you aren’t friendly to the locals, you would have a problem getting help from them.

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5. Have Cash Handy

Another vital travel tips you must know is to have cash handy when you travel. You don’t know what could possibly happen and you need cash urgently. It is important to have some cash with you to handle the unexpected.


There are many best travel tips out there. However, I have decided to bring you these because they are very important for you to bear in mind while travelling to any country in the world.

So, over to you. What has your travelling experience been so far? Share in the comment box below.

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