Are you looking how to boost your website visibility is search engine result and generate traffic. Here we have top 6 SEO Tools that will help you achieve your dream and attend your goal. Guess what? The SEO we have here is for free and what is free is always awesome.  

All major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and others have primary search results, which content web pages and other contents. Ranking done based on what the search engine considers most relevant to their users.

Top 6 Free SEO Tools Every Blogger Should Know

  1. WordPress Plugin – SEO Tool

As a blogger, they are many wordpress plugin with different features that will make your site look great and site optimization. This SEO tool will go a long way to generate traffic for your site. Most of this SEO features are Meta tag fields, sitemap creation, (title, meta description and focus keywords) which helps a lot for SEO analysis and ranking.

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  1. Google Analytics

Google analytic is a SEO tool that provides high quality and gives detailed information about your site performances. If you as a blogger have not started using Google analytic, I propose you begin to use it as fast as possible. Google Analytics is like air to humans as it is to online marketers, you can’t do without it. It is important for a blogger  or/and affiliate marketer to use it.

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  1. IIS SEO Toolkit

The Robots Exclusion module shows robots’ content and lets you set enable and disable paths. Sitemaps and Site Index module allows you to view, edit and delete sitemap and site index files. IIS SEO Toolkit have features like Robots Exculsion, Site index modules and Site Analysis. The Site Analysis module has a full-featured crawler engine and also Query Builder interface to generate custom reports.

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  1. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO tool has many features like keyword checker, comparator, site explorer and Backlink history tool. This SEO tool is one of the advanced and complete SEO service. Majestic SEO tools focus on domain-based metrics and intelligence link.

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  1. Keyword Planner

This SEO tool is use to optimize your blog content, create successful marketing campaigns, collect metrics about a websites and get estimation of search queries for target keywords. With keyword planner you can keep an eye on your competitors’ keyword. Keyword Planner helps you to create paid Ad words campaigns easily. It also has a chronological view, letting you see the popularity of keywords over a period of time. Since most of you traffic will come from Google is advisable to use Google Keyword Planner.

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  1. Virante SEO Tool

Virante offers miscellaneous tools like Clean IP Tool and a HTTP Header Check Tool. This SEO tool offers an offline and site SEO tools for free on their website. Offline site tools are Link Atrophy Tool and PageRank Recovery Tool. On site tools are Density of Keyword Tool, Duplicate Content Tool and LDA Content Optimizer.

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