The world is growing fast, instead of carrying separate camera to snap pictures. People prefer to snap with their smartphones. All smartphones comes with pre-installed app (camera). These pre- installed camera app popularly known as default camera does not give user the best they need. I have made compilation of Top 5 Camera App For Android Phones 2018 that every smartphone user should have one in his or her phone. This review based on quality apps that is capable of giving all you need to snap and edit pictures.

The apps stated below allows you to edit and snap pictures. One of the most interesting feature is editing option. The apps allows you to customize pictures to your test. There are A lot of camera application on playstore which carries ultimate features and gives you the shot. I have pick five out of those applications. This blog post will go in details of explaining these Top 5 Camera App For Android Phones 2018.

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Best Camera Applications for Android Phones

Anyone using camera phone should be using any of these camera.


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Camera FV-5


image: Camera App For Android Phones 2018


This app is designed for enthusiasts and professional in photography. It is controlled manually. This app is highly-featured and comes with an intuitive interface which is very easy to handle. Camera FV-5 is of two categories, the pro and lite version. The lite version is free but has limited features while the pro version has the overall features. Pro version cost $3.39 one time payment.

This camera emulates various DSLR features. That includes manual shutter speed, ISO, light metering, focus, white balance, and more. It also supports JPEG, DNG (RAW), and PNG file formats.
It is your choice to either use the pro or go free. Click Here To download


Camera MX


image: Camera App For Android Phones 2018


To me this app is the best, I decided to rate this app among the top 5 Camera App for Android Phones 2018 because of it great features. Am a testimony of their services. I have been using this app since my discovery about it. You can use it to shoot photo or video. There is even a GIF mode to make your own GIFs.
This application has its free and pro version. As usual free has limited features while pro contains all. I will advise you to get the pro, it cost $1.99 which is not much.

I use camera MX to shoot my comedy videos. Camera MX has wonderful interface with quality graphics. It has inbuilt section to edit video and photo separate. This camera can allow you should the past. You can create animated photos and videos and add tons of effects, filters, frames, etc. for creative image editing.

Download app for Android


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Camera Zoom FX


Camera zoom FX is among the oldest surviving camera applications. It is controlled manually. This apply allows you to enjoy free trial before paying for it.

You can sign up today and start enjoying it for free until they ask you to make payment, which costs $3.49. There are also filters, HDR mode, various photo modes, and more. There are also a few plugins that add even more features.


Open Camera


image: Camera App For Android Phones 2018


Next on our list “ Top 5 Camera App For Android Phones 2018” is Open Camera. The application comes in free version with all necessary features. It has support for focus modes, scene modes, auto-stabilizer, HD video recording, handy remote controls, configurable volume keys, geotagging of photos and videos, support for an external microphone, HDR, dynamic range optimisation mode, small file size, etc. This is one of the best camera application for Android and even tablet users.

Download App


Candy Camera

This is another free camera application for Android users. It has great interface but is exclusive to selfie only.



image: Camera App For Android Phones 2018


This app has unique features with is support for 12 different languages. It is developed by SK Communication and is available for Android 2.3 and higher. Cymera is developed by SK Communication and is available for Android 2.3 and higher.
Just like others it is free. Download one today and try same with.



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