As mobile phone users, all we want is our smartphone battery to last longer.  To some longer, lasting battery was always a major factor to consider before buying any phone. Here, we will discuss some tips to make your smartphone battery last longer. In order to make the smartphone battery last longer and safer, try following these simple recommendations.

 Tips to make your smartphone battery last longer.

  • Charge with Original Charger:

It will be better if you can charge your smartphone with its own (original) charger. It is not advisable to use a charger which power exceeds the capacity of the original one.

  • Disable features that you don’t use:

It will be better if you turn off all unnecessary features that you’re not using at the moment, for instance your smartphone navigation module (GPS), connection to the Internet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  And also constantly open applications that you don’t use also “kill” the battery quickly. Use a task manager to make sure that all apps running in the background are closed.

  • Remove Protective case while charging

Some types of protective cases can contribute to overheating of the battery, which negatively affects its capacity. If you notice that your device heats up while charging, first of all, remove it from the case.

  • Avoid charging your smartphone battery overnight:

 Charging overnight affects smartphone battery longevity, and it also makes your smartphone device overheat. The power controller in a smartphone will from time to time let the battery be recharged to keep it at 100%. This is also a reason why both the adapter and smartphone are usually cold in the morning.

  • Do not use your smartphone while charging:

The use of smartphone while charging does not harm your smartphone, however, some manufacturers recommend not doing it. The reason lies in some kind of “harmful charging” when the battery receives constant small loads, which prevents even charging. The battery does not get affected right away, but it can worsen its operation in the long run.

  • Always Charge your smartphone battery Up To 80%:

Charging of smartphone over 80% charging mark may make your battery to overheat, thereby affecting its life. Therefore, it’s not necessary that your phone should always be charged up to a 100% maximum. 

  • Do not allow deep discharge of the smartphone battery:

A deep discharge of a smartphone instantly disables lithium-ion and lithium-ion polymer batteries. Do not wait for the battery to get even worse, and even more so, do not try to “finish off” the battery trying to turn on the smartphone when it turned off due to a low battery level.

  • Reduce the brightness of the screen:

By reducing the brightness of the screen on your smartphone, you can significantly save the battery power.

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