Register for MTN Project Fame West African

The MTN Project West African Talent Show is one of the most popular singing audition where able people apply to show there capability to the world. At   least there is no harm is trying they say, but you have to make sure to know how to sing, what to sing and how to use the keys.

When you are qualify to enter the MTN Project West African Talent Show Academy, their professional will give you a proper training, that even if you ended up not becoming the winner, at least you can stand on your self and do something.

For you to enter the show you will have to apply for it, and that is the steps below to guide you, and you have to follow it  just the way it is.

Below is 7 Easy Steps to Register for MTN Project Fame West African Talent Show Audition

  1. Dial 5900 from your Mobile Phone (MTN Line Only)
  2. Follow then voice Prompt to record your Audio Audition for 45seconds.
  3. You will get notification on your phone within 24hours with your pin for website registration.
  4. Visit to register with your pin.
  5. Share the link to your audio audition (available on Music + Website) with family and friends.
  6. Expect SMS notification of your audition venue and date.
  7. Visit the audition venue on the appointed date for your final Audition.

Please note that you are to use National recognized ID card for the registration, like National ID, Driver’s license, Passport.

Good Luck.

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