Snail farming business is a lucrative venture that is yet to be appreciated in the Agro industry. Many people take it as meat but quite a number of people don’t know how to go about rearing them. A snail is a hermaphrodite, it has both the female and male sexual organs one cannot really distinguish between the male and female species of it. A snail is high in protein (12-16 percent) and irons (45-50 mg/kg), low in fat, and contains almost all the amino acids needed by humans.

Snail farming is as easy as ABC; the only thing the snails may demand from you is your attention and care. Snails hardly fall sick, you don’t have to buy their food and you may not have to buy their food and you may not have spent much to build its house. Snails produce rapidly they are capable of producing hundreds of eggs, which hatch into snails. 1,000,000 snails worth more than N5 million twice a year.


Snail Farming Business Income-Earning Opportunities

The demand for snail is higher than the supplies and as such, the market potential of snail is inexhaustible, locally and internationally. Snail farming business is a very lucrative one, as it requires far less capital investment, while much profit is being generated in a considerable short period. It has a lower risk compared to other livestock farming. Nigeria climate is one of the best climates in snail breeding.

Snail farming in Nigeria requires small capital, the running cost is very low and their feeds are very local. There is no stress in snail farming business; it doesn’t consume time, no noise and no irritation.

Snail Farming Business Market

If you rear snail in commercial quantity, hotels, fast food restaurants and superstores are your target market.  Snail farmers in Nigeria are huge money from snail farming business. The annual demand for snail in Nigeria is about 7.5 million kg annually. Snails are capable of producing more than 300 eggs which hatch into snails.


Requirements for Snail Farming business

The following are needed for snail farming

  • A Terrarium

A Terrarium is a container to keep the snails as they grow. It must be washed in at least 2-3 months. This is because of the accumulation of waste products which will make it smell unpleasant.


  • Temperature

Temperature, the degree of hotness or coldness is very essential when rearing a snail. Do not place a terrarium with snails under direct sun or close to heating devices as this will bring a damaging effect on the snails.


  • An Expert

You need to consult an expert when rearing a snail. He/She will help you with advice and help you with the business progress as well as the health of your snails.


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