If you have followed the news, you will understand that Facebook has been involved in privacy issues for some time now. Facebook collects all the data you have on the community and commercialises them. In this guide, I will be showing you how to protect your Facebook data. You will see how to restrict what information of yours Facebook and other third-party partners can access.

It is very important for you to take your Facebook privacy setting very seriously. The fact that Facebook has had data breaches doesn’t mean you should just delete your Facebook account. On the contrary, you should be proactive with your Facebook privacy details. This is why we are sharing this with you to make your job easier.

How To Protect Your Facebook Data

Below here, we will be sharing you different tips you can use to protect your data from Facebook, third party apps and also, Facebook users. Have fun reading.

1. Control Who Sees Your Posts

One of the best Facebook security tips is to control who sees your posts. And this is very simple. Normally, facebook allows lots of people (friends, followers, friends of friends etc) to see your posts. However, you can control this and be in control of who sees your posts. Here is your guide:

  • Log into your Facebook account and go to the “Settings”.
  • Then, click on “Privacy”.
  • Then, under the “Your Activity” column, you can set up who will see your future posts.
  • You will see different options. Choose whatever works well for you.
  • Then, click on save.

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2. Delete Vital Information

Another very vital Facebook privacy tip is to delete some private information you don’t want to share. This is the surest way to stay safe. Don’t allow Facebook access to the information you don’t want them to share by deleting them. Here is how.

  • Go to your profile page and click on “About”.
  • This will open up different categories of information about you.
  • Now, go through them. If there is any information you would want to delete, then, click on edit and delete the details.
  • Once this is done, you can save this and you are free.

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3. Turn Off or Limit 3rd Party Apps Access

By third party apps, we mean apps that have your information outside of Facebook. Usually, Facebook users connect their Facebook accounts to many apps. You could sign up for these apps with your Facebook details. You can also play with some apps on your Facebook account. This limits the control you have on your data. But, you can control this.

  • Go to your Facebook settings
  • Down the left column, you will see “Apps & Websites”. Click on it.
  • You will see “Active”, “Expired” & “Removed.
    • Active represents Apps & Websites that are still using your details. that is, apps and websites you accessed using your Facebook details.
    • Expired are those you’ve logged in with your Facebook details but you haven’t accessed for a long time. They may still have your details but they won’t access much of your info.
    • RemovedΒ are those ones you have removed and denied access to.
  • On each app and website, you will see “View & edit”. Click on them and select the level of access you want to grant to them.

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There are numerous other Facebook privacy details you can set up in your account. Just go to your settings segment and experiment with lots of them.

We have given you 3 crucial ways you can use to protect your Facebook data. Go ahead and maximize them. However, if you have any question, use the comment box below and we shall attend to them.

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