1. Please What’s the closing date for npower 2017/2018 registration?

    • Once the portal closes then you know there is no more registration going on. However, its also on nPower official website.

  2. I sincerely appreciate the working staff of npower for their well done job. I av registered for npower teacher before but could go for my test due to my health condition at that period. sir if I should re-register, hope it wouldn’t disqualify me? thanks.

    • You will not be disqualified.

  3. pls those with NCCE certificate can they apply

    • Yes, person with NCCE or lesser can apply too

  4. trying to register but they always say my email is incorrect but am using it.

  5. please how do I create account before registering for npower teacher. I can’t find where to create account. help me out. thanks

  6. Please immediately I logged in as first time user,the power went off without completing the registration, can I still complete the registration or to start afresh?

  7. please sir I graduated from d seminary education, can I still apply? though I don’t have d NYSC cert

  8. pls let me know about n power second batch reg

  9. Igwe Bridget Nwanyibuife

    My name is igwe Bridget Nwanyibuife from Amuwo odofin local government, Lagos state, I registered for n-power teach in the first batch but my name has not been sent to my local government after doing verification in my local government, plz I need help.

  10. Can NCE holder apply for the batch also

  11. My name is Edith Okodu,pls I want to apply for the npower program ( Teaching). Kindly, inform me when the 2017/2018, registration is on..my phone number is 08060965059. Thanks.

  12. I have just passed out from NYSC scheme and l want to apply for npower 2017/2018, please sir I want to know it will start

    • Yes you can state now.


    BVN:22210797095, CERTI:BSC,NCE,NYSC/TAU/016/408877.Date of birth:12th DEC 1989.sex:male.marital status:single.LGA of origin:Njikoka.State of origin:Anambra.Nationality:Nigeria.personal skill:work with effectiveness,integrity,honesty coupled with the fear of God.RESP:Perform in teaching the law of Govt.perform in teaching the word of God.INTEREST:To develop our country with education to help the undergraduates.REF:My referee is our Lord Almighty.phone no 08132675807.


    Please sir i have registered since march 31th2017 but have not receive any messege,is the 2017 name not out?Please try and file my name when ever it will be out thanks. chukwuemekavincentokeke@gmail.com. 08132675807. OKEKE VINCENT CHUKWUEMEKA.

  15. I want to register for Npower ,what are the procedure

  16. I apply in the first batch and I was called for the online aptitude test which of course I did but my name was not shortlisted among the successful candidate. Now can I apply again?

  17. Blessing Stephen Johnson

    plz help me, I can’t create an account

  18. Please i want to know when 2017 Npower registration will commence.I am seriously in need of Govt teaching job.thanks.Temitope Ademola from Abuja

  19. Pls can OND holder apply for the batch also.

    • YES, you can also apply.

  20. Pls can you help me on the postcode because that’s where am lost

  21. im appreciated to Buhari govt. pls it is necessary for the interested candidate to us only Hotmail account.

  22. Pls sir, am interested how do I go about it. I want to apply for npower program (Teaching). Thanks

    • Use the guide on this page to start your nPower Online application.

  23. I registered for npower wit my phone n I did not attach my passport n documents
    will it b accepted

    • You can edit your application by login to your nPower dashboard account then upload your passport.

  24. i apply it today i proud of it waiting for respond am very gratefull

  25. pls sir is this npower is for dgree holders or is include with other qualification such as NCE ND OND?

    • every one is qualified to apply.

  26. pls can SSCE holders also apply

  27. Please sir, can WACE holder apply for NPower

  28. I want to know if we are to print the unique reference number because I did the registration on my phone and a friend of my told me that I am to print it. Please how do I go about it?

    • login your email and check or login your Npower profile if you will see such.

  29. pls sir what about those who apply for 2017/2017 and they do not see their names, they can apply again?

  30. Do i need to create account before i can apply because i fill the form directly without creating account and i did not see where to attach passport and document

  31. Pls what are the process to follow when an ssce holder want 2 apply

  32. Good day pls can one apply for more than one choice

  33. happiness ifunanya akwaja

    I can’t fine my screen shot cos of d cafe problem, does it affect me

  34. happiness ifunanya akwaja

    Pls sir I have a problem, while registering, after my registration when is time to print d printout d cafe system shutdown and they could no longer get my printout. What should I do pls I need help. Should I reapply?

    • Will am sorry for that, but you should have waited for the system to come up again so that you can resume from where you stopped. But now its like this – login your profile and see if you will get the information you wanted to print out. Also remember checking your email.

  35. Daruap Naanalong Victor

    Please, it’s only for those graduated from public college? like me, I graduated at private computer institute with second class in Ecwa International college of Technology Jos.
    Please, I’m qualify to apply with my Diploma?

    • You can apply. Check qualifications for the job category you want to apply for.

  36. Hello the house, I register for npower program and I don’t see my reference code,what I can do?

  37. I have registered but my NYSC but my passport was not scanned.please sir,hoping there is no problem.

  38. I am above 36years can I apply?

    • Please check the age requirement to see if you can apply or not.

  39. I have problem of spelling in my surname, i use shotayo in my bank a/c but sotayo in my result. There is different of H in it, hope it will not disqualify me?

  40. Sir can i edit my profile after i sumited my applicatoin?

    • Editing your application depends on which or what you to to edit like your bank account, name, phone number, email, etc.

  41. what of the exam date for teachings.and the age limit

  42. I applied for Npower health but i didn’t see my eligibility message also we have finished our test so what should I did?

  43. Pls sir, I applied for npower agro and uptil 13/07/2017 did not receive any msg to go for the test, does it mean I am not selected?

    • yes, but sometimes when you do not receive message you can manually check online to know if you have been selected.

  44. Please sir, I applied N-Power teach but i haven’t received any text or mail either, what should I do?

  45. Pls sir I applied for n-agro but I have not received sms pls he’ll me

    • Then its better to check if whether you are selected. Check using the npower official website. However, not every selected applicants receives messages.

  46. I apply for n-power health and I have not head anything from therm, or do my qualification is diploma in public health.

    • Than you have to check your self if you where selected

  47. please can one apply with National diploma (ND)

  48. My name is samson how can I check and detect if I have been selected for the test .

  49. I registered Samaila Bala Gulma but my B v n is Samaila Gulma Bala please is their any mistake

  50. pls is it still going on the registration

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