List of Successful Candidates for Zonal Screening Exercise

List of Successful Candidates for Zonal Screening Exercise

Seriously I know how important it is for you all to know whether the Nigerian Army List of Successful Candidates for Zonal Screening Exercise has been released.

But we are here together waiting for the latest update from Nigerian Army for the release of those successful candidates to participate for the next Zonal Screening Exercise.

This article is to inform you all that the List of Nigerian Army Successful Candidates for Zonal Screening Exercise is NOT yet out.

CLICK HERE to Check 74RRI Recruitment Exercise Pre-Screening Examination Result

With the accordance of The Nigerian Army instruction, you all are to start checking for this list of Successful Candidates for Zonal Screening Exercise form today being 8th of October, 2015. That is to say the list will be out any moment from now.

We shall keep you all updated from our website (NewsyArena.com), so keep on visiting to get the latest information about the Nigerian Army successful candidate list.

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  1. Please help me to check my name application number 74rri/ek/346/0048744

  2. wwwnageriaarmy.com

  3. please sir/ma help me check mine 74RRI/OS/548/0002366

  4. Sir,pls help me to check my pre-screening examination result & send it to my email thanks.APL NO:74RRI/NI/408/0013043

      • Sir,i saw ur reply & i’m glad but this is unbelievable,infact there’s no time i think that i’ll fail pre-screening examintion bcos all the quetions are too simple or was it bcos i dont’ve any conection?so pls i want newsyarena to take note of this & help me out thanks.

  5. pls check for me 74RRI/ZA/753/0079781

  6. how are we the successful candidate for the 74RRI army recruitment zonal screening from our state to our zonal screening center?
    Are we to go by ourselves?

  7. please help me check if my name is shortlisted for zonal screening. 74rri/ab/564/0044328

  8. Pls sir,help me check may name 75RRI/KE/775/122782

  9. ogu obinwanne chrisantus

    please Sir I need your help I check my result on 75RRI but it was showing me not shortlisted that I should check soon what dones that mean please Sir help me my application number is 75RRI/IM/11/155720

  10. God help me oh

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