After the Voter’s card registration exercises the next will be checking the status to know when its available for pick up. And after that, you also have to be smart enough to check online where to pick-up your card location. 

This page has helped to explain all these steps to make your collections easier than you though.

On this page, you can as well click on the link to open the recommended portals to check all you want online. The good thing is that you can do this at all time and on any devices for free.


How To Use INEC Voters Registration Status Checker

If you have just registered for Voters card then the steps below will help you check your voter status.

  1. Enter in your web browser and you will see the INEC form.
  2. Select your state of residence (where you registered)

    Voters Status register checker

  3. Enter your surname
  4. Enter your VIN or date of birth
  5. Click “Search”

Now you’re, done, but If valid, your details including pvc vin, polling unit will be displayed on your screen.


How to Check Your Ward Online for PVC Collection 

The election is fast approaching and also you see crowed wanting to collect their PVC. The collection is free of course but let’s imagine the time it will take you to get this, most especially when you don’t know some vital information about your PVC to help the INEC officials find your card.

But see this, that the Independent National Electoral Commission has provided an online tool to help to identify where exactly your ward is located so you can go there to pick up your PVC fast.

You need the following to your ward and PVC information display; 

– MAke sure to know/remember the state you registered from.
– Make sure to also know the local government which is the exact place the registration took place in your ward.
–  Alternatively, if you know the Polling Unit (PU) Number this also helps.

Below are steps to search your Ward for PVC collection faster…

  1. Visit the website

    This you can either use your phone number, tablet or computer for this. But just make sure you have an internet connection.

  2. Now you are on the page, you should see this page;

    Ward PVC checker
    Using PU to Check Ward for PVC Collection:

    a). Enter the PU number provided on your Temporary Voters Card (TVC) number in the “PU Number Search Form”.
    b). Click “FIND MY PVC” to view your Pick Up location for your PVC.

    Use Your State and Local Government Where Your Registration Took Place to Check for PVC Pick Up:

    If you don’t have your TVC, please select your State and LGA where you registered.

    Using this part of the tool you must know your Ward;
    a). select it from the dropdown the State you carried out the registration (or the state you transferred card to).
    b). from the next dropdown select the local government too.
    c). Click “FIND MY PVC” to view the Pick-Up location for your PVC.

  3. Any/All of these too you use should display the location of your ward for PVC collection (if you follow the step above correctly).
  4. Once you get to your location it will then be faster and easier for the INEC official in charge of distribution of the Voters card locate yours and give to you.

Please note that you don’t have to pay any fee for all of this.


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