This post is exclusively for MTN prepaid subscribers as in centers on how MTN users can Transfer data on MTN Nigeria with friends and family.

With this tips, you can subscribe for a mega data bundle that can serve the family while everyone else connects to it via the data sharing technology. You can also subscribe for a single data plan and let your other phones, tablets or even internet modems connect to it via Transfer Data on MTN Nigeria.

This article we help you to get started with Data bundle (MB) sharing on the MTN network, you need to follow the steps outlined below:

Step-by-step guide on how to transfer data on MTN Nigeria

Let’s take a look on what you should do step-by-step guide on how to share data on MTN Nigeria.


  • To register for MTN Data Share, dial *131*2*1#. Another option is to simply send the message REG to 131, after that, you will receive a unique security PIN for registration
  • You will need to change this security PIN when you enter the system. It’s possible to do this by dialing *131*2*5#. Another option for changing your old pin to a new pin is by sending the message CHANGE with your old pin typed right in front of the word change and your new pin right after the old one to 131, for instance, “CHANGE 7777 9999”, where “7777” is your previous PIN and “9999” is your new Pin for Data share
  • You have changed the PIN, and now it’s time to add beneficiaries to the MTN Data Share account, You can do it by using the USD code *131*2*3#. There is also another option for you, You can always send the text message with the phone numbers of your beneficiaries to 131. According to these terms, you are a data sponsor, and they are the data beneficiaries. Do not forget that you can add only five beneficiaries and you can always delete beneficiaries
  • It`s time that you can share your data plan with other people. You will need to send the keyword to start sharing the data with the number 131. You can also dial *131*2*4# to do the same, Do not forget that you have a limit for your MTN Nigeria Data, Therefore, do not share this data with people unless you are sure that they really need it. You can add only five people to your MTN data beneficiaries list. However, you can also be a beneficiary to another person’s willing to share data with you.


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