The GLO 4G LTE service is a browsing innovation speed offered by GLO to her subscribers for surfing internet and download over the internet. GLO 4G LTE service is not available to all states in Nigeria.

GLO 4G LTE is multiple times faster than 3G networks. 4G LTE is the fastest wireless data technology available today in the world.

To make things easier for its subscribers/users, GLO now makes available short message code that can be easily be used to confirm if your Smartphone is compatible or can use GLO 4G network data plans. To know if your sim is a Usim and your device is 4G compatible, simply send SMS containing “4G” and send it to 400 from your mobile device. You will then receive an SMS informing you if your Sim or device is 4G LTE ready.

What then is 4G LTE? LTE means long-term evolution and it stands for the 4th generation of telecommunications technology which offers a very high data speeds. With GLO 4G LTE service you can enjoy HD video streaming without buffing, video calls, superfast downloads, online gaming e.t.c and also, with Glo 4G LTE internet service, you can download and upload files, song or movie at a faster rate on your device. It also makes you browse at a faster rate.

How to setup GLO 4G LTE Internet Service

For you to set up and use the 4G GLO LTE follow the simple steps below

  • You will need a Glo 4G LTE Sim from a Gloworld or you may simply swap your existing Glo Sim. You can get LTE Sim or swap an existing sim at any Gloworld, Glozone or Glo dealer outlets around you.
  • You need a 4G LTE enabled smartphone. You can check if your phone is 4G LTE compatible for Glo network by sending a text containing 4G to 400. You receive a message that will inform you of the compatibility.

Note: you need to have one of the 4G data plans. You can subscribe for one by dialing *777# to purchase a plan of your choice.


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