WhatsApp is an application that lets you send messages, pictures, video, voice notes and more to your friends. It greatly enhances MMS and SMS functionality by replacing them with a data connection through the internet, either with your cell phone’s 3G or 4G data connection, or a nearby WiFi connection.

WhatsApp is also available for the Windows phone because this messenger uses just the same internet data plan where you’re using e-mail and web browsing. There is no hidden cost and so you might stay in touch with your family members and friends always. In addition to the basics of WhatsApp , users can create a group and send others unlimited videos, audios, images and media messages.

Features of WhatsApp includes

  • No hidden cost

Once you, your family members and friends download this app, you can use it to send media messages or even chat as you want. Send millions of messages in one day to your friends as well as family for free. WhatsApp uses your internet connection, which is available in 3G/ 4G and Wi-Fi.

  • Multimedia

Send images, audio, video and voice note to your friends.

  • Group chat

Enjoy the group conversations with your friend’s contact. Add or remove group participants, change different group subject and set a group icon.

  • No international charges

There is any added cost to send an international e-mail as well as a message. Chat with your friends all around the world, who are all having the App installed and avoid the international SMS cost.

  • Offline message

If you turn off your Window phone, the App will save all messages in offline until you will retrieve it during the next app use

How to download and install whatsapp on windows phone

Below are the steps

  • Launch the Microsoft store from all apps or home screen. It is blue in color and it’s looks like a shopping bag.
  • Tap the search button on the top right corner of the screen. It is a magnifying glass type WhatsApp in that field.
  • Tap WhatsApp in a search result and
  • Tap to install. Once the App is successfully downloaded and then tap open.

How to Pin the whatsapp on your home screen of Windows phone

To make a life easy, you will want to pin the App on your home screen. This is the best way as you do not have to constantly search for whatsapp apps. Here how to use it:

  • Scroll down your home screen to the bottom. Tap all apps in the bottom of the right corner.
  • Type WhatsApp in the search bar at the top of home screen.
  • Tap and hold the App in your search results.
  • Tap pin to start at the top of the menu that appears. Now your WhatsApp is on your home screen.

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