Channels Television,is one of Africa’s leading TV Stations. The channel TV mobile app has makes things easier and is now available on all mobile platforms such as Android, iPad, Blackberry, and Nokia. You can now watch your favourite news live on your mobile phones. That means you can never miss an important news headline with the channels TV mobile app.

Channels Mobile app will help you to stay connected to the news where ever you are. Channels Mobile app brings the news even more closely to your fingertips. Viewing of headlines across sections, watch our live feeds and even contribute on our various social media platforms.

The benefits of Channel TV App

The channel TV app is of great benefit for who are looking for a reliable news  source anytime and anywhere they are as follows


  • Channels TVmobile app brings to you one step closer to information and updates all over the nation.
  • With channels TVmobile app you are never far away from reading through breaking news and the latest updates.
  • With channels TVmobile app you can voice out your opinion to other Nigerians that are using channels TV app by making comments on their various social media pages.
  • You can also catch up with the most watched news feature in a country like “NEWS AT TEN” irrespective of the power supply.
  • With Channels TV mobile app you will have a great user experience and a lot of information about politics, Health, sports, business and finance and many more at your fingertips. For Android users, you can download it from Google play store while iPhone users can simply download the app on the Apple store.


How to use channels TV app after you might have downloaded the app

  • Once you have installed the channels TV app you downloaded on your device.
  • Launch the app
  • You can start watching live news on the app, although for some users you may need to have a third party video player e.g. ( MX PLAYER) to stream the videos it still promises a crystal clear video quality and crisp audio.
  • You can also contribute to their various social media platforms and also watch their live feeds.
  • Channels TV mobile app can also be used to report issues around you by clicking on the “EYE WITNESS OPTION” on the menu bar.



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