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Hotmail Sign In – Login Email Account Here

Microsoft Hotmail is a No.1 choice for emailing service for more than half a billion people worldwide. To must users the interface is simpler than other mailing services, while other believing they get all the tools needed to organize their emails are made available.

But the bottom line of it all is how you understand to use/work on the interface.

Hotmail and Outlook have both been adopted by Microsoft over the years and were once upon a time separate entities.

Creating an account with free of charge, in case you haven’t signup then click here to do so now.

Hotmail Sign In Review

Let’s make something clearer here…

Windows Live Hotmail is a product of Microsoft Company offering people a free opportunity to open mailing accounts for sending and receiving email messages freely.

But more than that… With your Hotmail ID, it is also for Windows Live ID, thereby, allowing you to experience a variety of services offered by Microsoft.

To many, it’s becoming more complicated without understanding that Microsoft email accounts end in,,, or And as sure can use any of them to login on ay Microsft accounts online.

So you should understand that it really not matter which of the above your email ended with, you can always login using the methods below.

There are varieties of methods to login your account, which includes;

  • Via sign in page
  • Also the mobile browser
  • Hotmail app sign in

Using this way to login is usually common with those using their Mobile phone browser, personal computer and /or public computers. Below are steps to login email account fast.

  1. Visit the official login page:
    » (which redirects to
  2. The login form displays for you to enter either of your:
    » Email ID used for the initial registration.
    » Phone number
    » or your SKYPE ID
    Any of the above allows users to access your account.
  3. Then click on the “NEXT” button to enter your email password.
  4. Then click on Login/Sign In

Now you are done.

This process is also applicable when using Mobile phone browser to login.


Login Via Hotmail App

It’s going to be a long day search if you are searching for Hotmail app to login. Reason being that is always redirected to

Use the links provided below to download the correct and up-to-date App to login the Microsoft Mail account.

Download App below:

→ Download for Windows Phones
Download for iPhone and iPad
Download here for Android and Tablet

How the link above works:

  • Click on the link for your mobile type
  • then the outlook page opens, requesting you enter your phone number to get the link text to you.
    Outlook App for mobile
  • Click on “SEND LINK” Once you enter your phone number.
    You have an option to request for a fresh link in case you don’t get the precious sent.
  • Now, click on the click, then follow other instructions that follow to complete the download and installation of the app.


Now you have downloaded the app, launch the app > click on Sign In > enter your login ID > then click “NEXT” > then enter your password and login.

Good to also let you know that the app is available to Windows 10 users. So you do not even need to visit the web to login account. Download for Windows 10 here.


Benefits of Using Microsoft Login Account

  • You can access the same account across all devices.
  • You can send and receive emails from same Microsoft emails and other email providers like; Gmail, Yahoo mail, Yandex mail, AOL mail, etc
  • You can use your Hotmail ID to sign up online forms, either for fresh registration or account verification
  • Once you have an account, you have free access to all other Microsoft online services. This means that you don’t have to start creating a separate account, No. You don’t need that any more.
    Now you can login on One-Drive, SKYPE, etc.
  • The account is free and will always remain free.

Hope you enjoy the illustration on this page on how to login your Hotmail and Outlook mail account?

Please do share this page so others can as well leverage on the same knowledge.

Just in case you face any challenges, use the comment box below so that we know how to assist you.



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