If you are looking for some organic ways to grow real Instagram followers, I will show you here. A lot of people focus on buying fake followers using bots. Unfortunately for them, it backfires big time. As a matter of fact, Instagram is very serious in banning these accounts with bot followers. So, you need to grow your followers organically.

Ther are many ways you can use to move your followers from where it was to where it is today. You too can do that. I will be sharing these tips with you. All you need to do is to read and follow these tips.

How To Grow Real Instagram Followers Organically

1. Post Daily

One of the easiest hacks of gaining real Instagram followers is by posting daily on your account. A research conducted by Tailwind found out that the more posts you share, the more likely you are of gaining new followers. Not just research, there are many of my posts that have been able to gain me numbers of followers.

2. Create a Feed Theme

One thing you must not forget is that Instagram users are moved by beauty, creativity and design. The users have more tendencies to follow accounts whose feeds have a consistent theme on their page. This could mean the use of a consistent colour or a consistent and appealing creative feed grid.

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3. Use Hashtags

There isn’t any lesson or tip on Instagram marketing that won’t ask you to use hashtags. That is because hashtags are very effective. Normally, when you make a post, people who see your posts are those who follow and those who search you be the username. However, if you are bale to use the 30 hashtags allowed by post, you will get to show your content to more number of persons. This increases your chance of being followed (provided they like what you have on offer).

4. Use Videos

Videos have higher engagement rates than mere photos and images. Upload more of videos. Go live. Use your videos on Instagram story. When people love your videos, they share them and get more eyes to see them, leading to possibly, more followers.

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5. Exchange Shoutouts

One of the best ways to grow real Instagram followers is by using and exchange shoutouts. this simply means getting someone whose followers are your target audience and exchange shoutouts. This works because both of you will benefit from the shoutout. When their audience gets to read and check up your account, they would likely follow you.

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