Firstmonie Agent Registration Guidelines – Every observant Nigeria will know that Nigerian banks are doing everything possible to provide financial and banking services to Nigerians on a very comfortable platform. This has led to the creation of bank agents from almost all banks. The firstmonie agent is the initiative of the First Bank of Nigeria PLC.

A firstmonie agent is an individual who acts as a middle man between First Bank and her customers or prospective customers. The agent registers with First Bank to provide financial services to customers within their given locality. This idea is beneficial to the agent, customers and First Bank as well.

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It will help the bank to attract more customers, help the customers to carry out banking services without going to the bank while also providing another source of income to the firstmonie agent. This guide will show you how to become Firstmonie agent in Nigeria easily.

Firstmonie Agent Registration Guidelines

Below we show you this, let’s point out the functions of a firstmonie agent.

Functions of FirstMonie Agent

The first monie agent carries out many responsibilities on behalf of the First Bank Nigeria Plc. Below is the list of responsibilities they carry out.

  1. Account Opening: If you want to open an account will First Bank, the First money agents will help you carry this out.
  2. Money Deposit: You don’t need to go to the bank to deposit money into your account again.
  3. Money Transfer: You want to send money to someone somewhere? Approach a firstmonie agent.
  4. Bill Payment: You can easily pay your bills using the firstmonie platforms.
  5. Airtime recharge: Get your phone line recharged easily.
  6. Inquiries: If you have any customer-related inquiries about First Bank from the firstmonie agents.
  7. Balance Checking: You want to know the amount you have left in your account? Approach a firstmonie agent.

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Firstmonie Agent Requirements

  • An existing business
  • A good location
  • A minimum of ₦50,000 to start
  • Complete the Firstmonie Agent registration form and execute an agreement
  • Any valid identification (Voters Card, Driver’s License, International Passport etc.)
  • And any other relevant documents

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How To Become A Firstmonie Agent

Becoming a firstmonie agent is quite simple provided you have met up with the above requirements. All you need to do is to

  1. Visit any First Bank branch around you and tell them you want to become an agent.
  2. They will give you the form to fill and guide you on other needed procedures.

This is your guide on how to become firstmonie agent for First Bank. if you have questions, please ask below.

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