The 2018 FIFA World cup which took place in Russia on 14th June and ended on 15th July 2018. FIFA has announced the world cup 2018 award winners. The awards were presented to the players, to recognize their great performances throughout their time in Russia.

The FIFA World cup Awards includes Golden Boot Award, Golden Ball, Golden Glove, Young Player, Fair Play Award e.t.c. the most outstanding player in the tournament is honoured with the Golden Ball Award, while the Silver Ball and Bronze Ball Award goes to players that finish second and third. below is the full list of the FIFA World cup 2018 Award winners.


The Full List of the FIFA World Cup 2018 Award Winners

The following are the full list of the FIFA World cup 2018 Award Winners

  1. The Golden Ball, Silver Ball, and Bronze Ball Award Winners
  • The FIFA World cup 2018 Golden Ball Award Winner: Luka Modric (Croatia)
  • The FIFA World Cup 2018 Silver Ball Award Winner: Eden Hazard (Belgium)
  • The FIFA World Cup 2018 Bronze Ball Award Winner: Antoine Griezmann (France)


The Golden Ball Award was introduced in 1982; it is presented to the most outstanding player of the FIFA World cup. Members of the technical study group of FIFA decide the winner. The players who finish second and third receive the silver ball and bronze ball. Lionel Messi won it in FIFA World cup 2014, Diego Forlan won it in 2010 and Zinedine Zidane won it 2006.


  1. The Golden Boot, Silver Boot, and Bronze Boot Award Winners
  • The FIFA World cup 2018 Golden Boot Award Winner: Harry Kane (England 6 goals)
  • The FIFA World Cup 2018 Silver Boot Award Winner: Antoine Griezmann (France 4 goals and 2 assists)
  • The FIFA World Cup 2018 Bronze Boot Award Winner: Romelu Lukaku (Belgium 4 goals and 1 assist)


  1. The FIFA World Cup 2018 Golden Glove Award Winner: Thibaut Courtois (Belgium)

The Golden Glove Award is presented to a goalkeeper with the best performance in the tournament. The best goalkeeper is selected by the FIFA on the basis of the performance along the final competition. The Golden Glove Award was formerly called the Yashin Award it was named after famous Russia goalkeeper Lev Yashin.


  1. The FIFA World Cup 2018 Young Player Award Winner: Kylian Mbappe (France)

The FIFA young player award is present to a player who is 21 or younger with the biggest impact at the FIFA World Cup. Paul Pogba won the award in 2014


  1. FIFA Fair Play Award Winner: Spain

The fair play award is handed to the team which boasts of the best disciplinary record. The winner in this category has also been selected by the FIFA Technical Study Group. Colombia was the winner of the fair play award winner at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.


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