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Download 2go 5.0.3 Version  (www.2go.im)- As you  already know that 2go is a social network of millions of people from all over the world. 2go is very proud to announce the release of 2go latest version for feature phones.

2go is very proud to announce the release of 2go latest version for feature phones.

Follow the four easy steps below to start chatting:

  1. Visit m.2go.im on your mobile phone
  2. Download 2go from the website for your mobile phone
  3. Launch the application and fill in a short registration
  4. Start chatting!



  1. Daonload 2go.im.version5

  2. i want to download this version b cause is good

  3. I hear about d version dats why i suggest 2 download it

  4. It is gud and simple

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  7. I want to be friend with people

    • am here for frends making

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  10. it wil be uz ful

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  12. it is good and nice

    • Its good and is nice

  13. I love it

    • pls hw can i download dis new version

  14. it is necessary to know the choice of today an let tomorrow be!

  15. i heard abt it nd wnt 2 download

  16. hmmmm nice version iwill like my fellow users like hpsat to join dis version

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  22. What is mane is chimezie ogwuegbu

  23. I lik diz New version of 2go vrs5.0.3.Bt i dont know how to download it on my Asha 302.Please help me through.

  24. I want to downloaded it because I heard its nice and also fast.

    • i can,t wait too get it,because i hear that is nice

  25. nice and cool

  26. Siyanbola Gbenga Emceejosh

    How can i download the latest version..?
    I can’t wait to have it

    • All you have to do is follow the step I have show you above. Note, you have to use your mobile phone to do this. 2go downloading is free

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  36. I want to download 2go new versions, he can I ?

  37. it ok for me

    • Please I can’t download the latest version of 2go on my window phone ? and I can’t even update it I know why please help.

  38. I love dis version

  39. D version is nice

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