E-facility Card and E-Bundle Card
E-facility Card and E-Bundle Card

I believe that with the issue of the new use of 2014 e-bundle service card people are very confuse about the difference between E-Facility Card and E-Bundle Card. Well this article is to let you know their differences and similarities.

Difference Between E-Facility Card and E-Bundle Card;

E-Facility Card: It is a product of JAMB for processing various document which I will later explain. The E-Facility Card has been existing since JAMB UTME started.

Uses of E-Facility Card:

The major website to use the E-Facility Card is on; www.jamb.org.ng and the interface of the site is like the image below;

With the E-Facility Card you can use it to perform the following;

  1. TO Retrieval of Registration Number
  2. TO  Verify JAMB Result (Result Verification)
  3. To Print Result Slip
  4. To Check Admission Status
  5. To Print out Admission Letter Printing (DE Inclusive)
  6. To re-print  Direct Entry Acknowledge Slip
  7. To Amend Data (Regularized Candidate Only)
  8. To register for Change of Course/Institution
  9. To register Direct Entry Change of Course/Institution

Use of E-Bundle Card:

Because the e-Bundle card usage started this your so the value is not as much as the e-Facility card.

  1. For now the E-Bundle Card can be use to check JAMB result at a particular website; http://www.jamb.org.ng/Unifiedtme2/
  2. To Re-print Your Slip

Similarities Between the E-Facility Card and E-Bundle Card:

  1. They are all product of JAMB
  2. They both contain Pin number and Serial number
  3. Both can be use to re-print JAMB slip

In case you need any of the Card (which is either E-Facility card or E-Bundle card) Make payment of N1,800 only into any of the account listed below then send (by SMS) your  (1) Name (Depositor’s name), (2) The particular E-Card paid for and (3) Teller Number to 08032934651:

This is the account details below;

First Bank Logo Bank: First Bank plc
Account NO: 3066151282

GTBank LogoBank: GTBank plc
Account: 0149651074


Please remember to send your payment details to 08032934651 (as listed above) as soon as you have paid into any of the bank.

For more information call the mobile number above or you can still use the comment box below.

Good Luck.

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