The high rate of Multiple-SIM card phones in the Nigeria mobile market today, many are compelled to use more than 1 SIM due to poor network coverage, cheaper call rates or better data service charges on some networks when compared to others. USB modems also require the use of a SIM card, as a result of these one may or May not have all his/her numbers off hand. Every network in Nigeria now has codes that display phone numbers.It’s difficult to keep track of numbers in these temporary SIMs we use daily, especially if you’ve discarded the SIM pack after purchase.

Your Mobile phone numbers linked to every SIM card purchased is unique to you and personal to most people but if for some reason you cannot remember your phone number, it’s best to save it in your phone for easy recollection, apart from these; there are codes that display phone numbers, available on all networks in Nigeria.

I can’t remember my number on this phone

Having many SIMs has its own challenges and one of such challenges is that you may not remember a particular number that you need urgently. Maybe a friend ask you for that particular number of yours or probably the person wants to send you airtime or  data to that number and there is no airtime on that line because it’s not your primary line.

You are therefore looking for ways on how to check the phone number. Every service providers in Nigeria know that we may fall into this victim therefore; they have provided codes to display your mobile numbers without having to memorize or check the SIM packs.

 Codes that Display phone Numbers on all networks.

here are the codes to display your mobile numbers and they are FREE for all networks.

  • Code to Display Phone Number on MTN Nigeria Network
    Simply Dial:  *123*1*1# or *663#and your Number will be displayed on the screen.


  • Code to Display Phone Number on GLO Mobile Network
    For GLO users simply Dial 1244, the number will be called out to you.


  • Code to Display Phone Number on 9Mobile Mobile Network
    Dial *248#and send to Display your 9Mobile Number.


  • Code to Display Phone Number on Airtel Nigeria Mobile Network
    Simply Dial *121*3*4# and send to Display your Airtel Number.

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