Can’t Assess Your Yahoo Mail Account

If you Can’t Assess Your Yahoo Mail Account – I understand that majority of people find it so difficult to assess their Yahoo Mail account. Well, we are here to show you how to solve some of the issues which could lead to not having access to your Yahoo Mail Account.

There are possible reasons why you Can’t Assess Your Yahoo Mail Account

  1. Forget password – When you forget the password you used in registering your yahoo mail account then it can result in blocking you from having access to your account. That is why we advise that you use a password you will always remember. Sometimes it could also be that you created your password use uppercase, small-case, numbers, and/or symbols.  SOLUTION – If during registration and you provide an alternative email, then all you have to do now is goto, click forget the password, then follow other instructions so that you can create a new password. This time please choose a set of password you can always remember.

  2. Forget email address – Well, this is not much problem when compare with forgetting password. With your alternative email address you can get the correct yahoo mail address back. Or call any of your friends you have sent mail to and ask them to send you the name of the mail you use in sending them the message. My advice again is that next time when creating a new yahoo mail account, use your full name as your yahoo mail address.
  3. Sometimes bad network – Refresh your network. or wait to try later.
  4. Your Account Closed: If your account remains inactive for a very long period of months then you might likely lose that account. Although it is rear these days.

If any further issue, use the comment box below and we shall response to the problem!!


8 responses to “Can’t Assess Your Yahoo Mail Account”

  1. i found it dificult 2 open my mail on my phone

  2. Christone kenneth

    I want unlock my yahoo

  3. chixdaniel

    I can’t access my email account

  4. Onyinye

    I can not open my yahoo mail on my phone
    and on the comput

  5. patience

    yahoo mail
    please I have followed your above instruction yet, I still can’t assess my account.I forgot my password.

  6. ruth jooda

    i found it difficult to open my yahoo, always saying open page error

  7. chukwu Paul

    I found it difficult to assess my yahoo mail whit my phone always refer me to login. Yahoo. Com still not opening

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