The national youth service corps was established in 1973 with the mandate to raise a class of patriotic, morally and physically disciplined Nigerian youths who graduated from universities and polytechnics to undertake the national service. During the mandatory one year service it is wise for corps members to engage into entrepreneurial skills or businesses and there are small businesses to engage in during your service year.

National youth service ( NYSC)  year is always  very challenging for most corps members. As a matter of fact they find it extremely difficult to cope and some live from hands to mouth. This is the reason many Nigerian youth tagged national youth service corps ( NYSC) to be  “Now your suffering Continue”; There are many businesses to engage in during your service year.

I thought it wise to help out and provide some suggestions of businesses an NYSC youth can go into. So, any corps members that can start any of these businesses listed below, life in service year will be interesting to them. This article will help you to know the businesses to engage in during NYSC year.

Businesses to engage in during NYSC

Below are a few business ideas that could trigger an idea in you.

  • Dry cleaning business

You can engage in dry cleaning business, get a washing machine, source for clients from banks, schools etc.


  • Wholesale Egg Business

You can start buying eggs from poultries in bulk to sell to stores or individuals. This is very viable as almost everyone eats eggs and there is a ready market for it.


  • Pastries, small chops and cake Business

You can turn your skill with baking pastries into a money making venture.


  • You can make and sell detergents, harpics, soaps

People who have skills on this also organize classes where people pay to learn for a certain amount of money.


  • Bead making Business

You can make beads, bangles, earrings, and even organize classes to teach others for a token.


  • You can engage in photography Business

With a little camera and printer, you can shadow weddings and other ceremonies an make some cash.


  • Set up your own salon

You can set up your own hair dressing salon if you have skills in this.


  • Private Tutoring

Private tutoring is another good business you can do as a corp member. It is very easy to start, tell your friends around your PPA and paste posters around, advertising your teaching skill.


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