Online Dating Tips

Best Online Dating Tips For Men & Women

Online dating is quite different from offline dating and as such, it has its rules to that must be adhered to if you really want to date in the best way possible. So, if you really want to date online, I have decided to share with you some of the best online dating tips you must have at the back of your mind. These will guide you.

Is this your first journey into the world of online dating? Have you been dating online? I bet you that these tips I will share with you here will be of great help to you. So, let’s look at some of the best online dating tips you must live by.

Online Dating Tips For Men & Women

Here are some of the tips to go with.

1. Never mention Your Ex

Once you start chatting and engaging with a new date online, on no account should you bring the issue of your ex into your talks. Whatever happened between both of you, no matter how unpleasant should stay in the past. Your new date doesn’t need to be bored with talks of how you were jilted, hurt and treated badly by your ex. Give this new partner the chance to develop affections for you based on who you are.

2. Know Your Goals

Before you move on and sign up with any dating site, ensure you first and foremost set out your goals. What do you want to achieve? Are you looking for a life partner or are you looking for some temporary stuff? It is vital to set these goals so as to know where best to go looking for it. Most dating sites have their specific functions. Know your goals and find the best site to fulfil them.

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3. Give Them Space

Meeting a new date can be really intoxicating and funfilled. This will make you to always want to chat and video call with your new date. For what it’s worth, you should never do that. You need to give your online dating partner a breathing space. You don’t have to rush the process. Allow the relationship and love to grow without your having to force things to happen. You could end up hurting yourself in the process than helping issues. Watch out for this.

4. Don’t Ever Go Stalking. NEVER

You see, there is a thin line between being concerned and stupid. Trust me, stalking is pretty stupid and foolish. Rather than digging so deep to find out almost every irrelevant stuff you want to find about this new partner, why not spend that energy in building your relationship? You spend all day going through their facebook and social media accounts to monitor them. Never do that.

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5. Be Honest

If you really want to get someone honest, you should be honest up front. A lot of people make the mistake of using fake pictures as well as lying so much about themselves and whatever they represent. This shouldn’t be you. You should be real to yourself. Be open. Never lie and don’t bring in anything fake into the relationship. You will get what you sow.


These are some of the best online dating tips I want to share with you today. Dif you find them helpful? If you did, use the comment box and share your thoughts.

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