If you are using Facebook for business, you will agree with me that content marketing is the best form of marketing. Whether you are into real estate, fashion business, make up, etc, if your content sucks, your sales will take a nosedive. Because we know many people struggle with content ideas, we have decided to bring to you the highly effective Facebook content ideas you can use to grow your business.

Why do you even need these Facebook Content Ideas?

Like I pointed above, if your content marketing sucks, then your business will struggle. Content marketing is often referred to as inbound marketing. That is to say, content helps you draw people into your business. So, if your content marketing is on a low key, then, your Facebook marketing will also struggle. This is why you need this Facebook Content Ideas to grow your page.

Facebook Content Ideas For Small Business Owners

Below are the best content ideas you can use to draw people into your business.

1. Contest Posts

If you really need to draw attention to your page and go viral, one of the easiest is to use contest posts. People love to win. Anything that would make them win something of value is appreciated. Your contest can involve something like “the comment with the highest likes”, “share and tag others”, “best photo wins”, etc. Ensure the price or award for the winner is something they would value. If not, they won’t be pushed to join the contest.

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2. Problem & Advice

Are you aware that everyone loves to have an opinion on many things? You can tap into this and boost your page engagement. How? You can decide to share a problem you face or someone else is facing and you ask for a solution. For instance, one of my clients said this…what do you think? People would be moved to contribute their views. This works many times.

3. Product Images

One of the reasons you use Facebook for business is because you want to make sales. You should not be ashamed of posting your products. This is where most people get it wrong. They focus on posting product pictures only. Although it is good, you should be able to balance this with these other post ideas we are sharing with you already.

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4. Live Videos

Before you say you aren’t a video type person, just calm down and realise what you are missing out on. On social media, people buy from who they know, like and trust. One easy way to achieve that is by doing live videos. When people see your face, hear your voice, they get to like you the more. Your live video could focus on teaching your followers or answering some of the questions.

5. Tell A Story

Everyone loves a story! you already know this. How many times did you stop scrolling through your Facebook feed to read a story? Many times right? That is the deal. Tell stories. Share about your day, your fears, how you got where you are, some of the things that happen around you… Don’t be scared. Share that story today.

Here you have some of the most powerful Facebook Content Ideas that will triple engagement on your account. How often do you do these? Let’s hear from you below.

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