If you have ever looked at an expert and wondered “how on earth can I ever become an expert?”, or you mused “will I ever be an expert in anything?”, then, your answers are here. I will be sharing with you some very practical steps you can use to attain expertise in ANYTHING. Yes, you read that right. In ANYTHING.

Before your mind discourages you, why not relax and read till the end, implement these strategies. See for yourself if you can truly be an expert I anything. If ever following these steps and you don’t become one, call me whatever name you would want to. I willingly accept.


Once again, the answer is “YES”. If other human beings have gone ahead to attain mastery and expertise in whatever they do, anybody else can do that. It just lies in knowing what they did and doing it consistently. So, yes, anyone can become an expert at anything.

So, who is an expert?

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What Or Who Is An Expert?

Let’s look at two major definitions of who an expert is. According to Wikipedia, an expert is “An expert is someone who has a prolonged or intense experience through practice and education in a particular field”.

The BusinessDirectory defined an expert as a “professional who has acquired knowledge and skills through study and practice over the years, in a particular field or subject, to the extent that his or her opinion may be helpful in fact-finding, problem-solving, or understanding of a situation”.

From these two definitions, you can see that being an extent involves PRACTICAL knowledge and EXPERIENCE. No one can become an expert without these two important factors.

How To Become An Expert In AnythingBecome An Expert

So, what are how and what should you do to become an expert in whatever field you have chosen for yourself? Here are very practical strategies you MUST adopt to be great in anything you choose to.

1. Study/Learn

For you to master anything at all, you MUST commit to intense learning and study about that particular area. Your study or reading must be focused on the particular areas you want to become a master in. You must be committed, dedicated and focused on learning as much as you should learn in that area.

The ways to accomplish this is to find books written by the top experts in that field and study them. Listen to podcasts, attend seminars, conferences and get-togethers. The more you learn, the more you become.

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2. Apply

It is one thing to learn, it is another thing to do. If you intend to gain mastery of any field, you must be in the habit of applying whatever you have learnt. Let’s say you want to become a piano expert, reading books, attending classes and watching videos of others won’t make you an expert in piano.

You have to practice and implement the things you learn. By applying your knowledge, you grow more and you learn and know more.

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3. Teach

While I was at university, I learn something very vital. I tend to remember most of the things I read and taught others than the ones I didn’t teach. When you teach others, you solidify what you know. Most people remain on the level of learning, applying and not teaching.

Teaching is very vital. In teaching, you are exposed to different thought lines you were never exposed to while learning and practising. Also, the ones you teach would often ask questions to point you to a different perspective on the issue.

So, the more you teach, the more you know.

How Long Does It Take To Become An Expert?

You may be popular with a man called Malcom Gladwell. He wrote a very popular book titled “Outliers: The Story of Success”. In this book, he said that it takes about 10,000 (ten thousand hours) of learning and practice to attain mastery and expertise in anything.

This Malcom Gladwell’s standard has been adopted by many today. However, some analysis of this theory has clarified a lot of things. Not every field or area of study requires such long hours before anyone can attain mastery of it.


ANYBODY can attain mastery and expertise in ANYTHING. If you are willing to commit the required energy and resources to it, you can achieve it. Those experts you see today didn’t drop from the moon.

They committed to the process and excelled. You too can.

Go and excel!

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