If you have an Access bank account then you should know by now the power of having your bank right in your palm. The latest Access Bank Mobile App allows its users to monitor and do lots kinds of transactions which we have listed below.

But first, you don’t just open an access bank account then to start using the mobile App.

You have to decide it and declrae your interest by working to any Access Bank Branch. They have a form for it, then you fill it up and submit, same day you get your mobile banking access ativated.

This page will essentially be useful to you if already have account and you have activated your mobile app banking, but you want to download the app or you have a new phone or you formarted your phone and now want to login into your account via the Mobile banking App.

In this kind of scenerio you don’t have to visit any bank anymore, they really won’t be of help to you at this point. This is something at your comfort you do fix this using the steps on this page.

How to Get Started WIth The Access Bank Mobile App

Just as said earlier that you need to make sure you have activated your mobile banking access bank account to enable you to use the app.

How to Download Access Bank Mobile Banking App

The app is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phones. Use the link below to download faster and even easier.

Download App for Android and Tablets here
Download for iOS (iPhone and iPad) here

After you have downloaded the app and its installed successfully, the next is to Login your Bank information on the app to start using the Access bank mobile banking platform.

How to Login Access Bank Mobile

The logining process can as well be regarded as setting up your app for use. So follow the steps below.

Step 1 Tap or Click to Open/Lunch the Access bank

Step 2: The first pop-up information that will show up is whether you will allow the app to access your location, contacts, galaries, etc. The best respond is accepting it, so click/tap “Allow”

Step 3: Select your country or location by tapping on the right one

Step 4: Now you have TWO options; you either Sign In or you Sign Up.

Assumming you are using this platform for the first time, that is all registration made from any branch then signning up will be the option for you.

But in this case you already have your login information (Username and Password), that is why Sign In will be your option.

Step 5: At this point, You have to unlock your device, since you are reinstalling or newly installing the app on your Phone or tablet.

To Unlock your device means to start using the app on the device you are using.

First on the form is for you to enter your Username, Then the next is your account number.

Of course, you should know or remember your PIN before or if you normally use Token hardware to run your mobile banking.

Then click “Continue” once you have completed the form.

Step 6: You will be sent an OTP (One-Time-Password) to confirm the authenticity of the activities. The OTP is sent to the register phone number with the bank.

(Please note that OTP is sent if you are using PIN instead or TOKEN to login).

Once you receive the SMS containing your OTP, then enter it and click Unlock.

Now you should see a notification that your device is unlocked. Meaning that you can now use the App with your account information on that device.

Completing this step will redirect you to login Screen where you have to enter your username and password then login

Step 7: Now Login using your mobile banking details.

In most cases, if you are using a phone with Figer sensor you see the app requesting that you register your fingerprint on your phone so that you also use same fingerprint access the app.

You can as well cancel if you don’t want to use Fingerprint.

Once all of these steps are completed, now its time to start rocking your Access bank mobile App.

How to Start Using Your Access Mobile APP

Now you will have to click on the Menu which is at the top-left of the app page. There you see lots of what you can do with the app. this includes;

  • Fund transfer
  • Buy recharge and data
  • apply for loan
  • request for new credit card.
  • and more…

For any task or transaction you want to do after logging in will request your account password.

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