Today I will be discussing Nigerian Air Force Ranking and Salary Structure. Many have been wondering how much air force officer earn. Nigerian Air Force officer are been paid by their ranking Form highest to the lowest. This post gives you details of what you need to know about Nigerian Air Force Ranking and how much they earn.


Nigeria Air Force is in charge of Nigerian air operations, in control of air craft and other things related. If you are willing to join Nigerian Air Force we advise you to stay updated with us. You can drop your email address and phone number for us to inform you when the application form is officially out.


Ranks of the Nigerian Air Force

Nigerian Air are classified into two non-commissioned and commissioned officers


Non – Commissioned Officers

  • Trainee
  • Aircraftman / woman
  • Lance Corporal
  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Flight Sergeant
  • Warrant Officer
  • Master Warrant Officer
  • Cadet (Trainee)
  • Air Warrant Officer


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Commissioned Officer

  1. Pilot Officer
  2. Flying Officer
  3. Flight Lieutenant
  4. Squadron Leader
  5. Wing Comdr
  6. Group Captain
  7. Air Commodore
  8. Air Vice-Marshal
  9. Air Marshal
  10. Air Chief Marshal


Salary Structure Nigerian Air Force

Here is salary structure for Nigerian Air Force commission is hardly disclosed. We have gone through a lot search to get the information. The salary of the Nigerian Air For is based on the Consolidate Armed Forces Salary Structure CONAFSS for Nigerian Military.


Non-Commissioned Officers

  1. Trainee: N10,237 monthly salary
  2. Aircraftman woman: N53,892 monthly salary
  3. Lance Corporal: N55,832 monthly salary
  4. Corporal: N58,634 monthly salary
  5. Sergeant: N69,261 monthly salary
  6. Flight Sergeant: N87,119 monthly salary
  7. Warrant Officer: N101,974 monthly salary
  8. Master Warrant Officer: N165,697 monthly salary
  9. Cadet (Trainee): N44,564 monthly salary
  10. Air Warrant Officer: N171,793 monthly salary


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Commissioned Officer

Nigerian Air Force Ranking and Salary Structure for commissioned officers

  1. Pilot Officer: N187,159 monthly salary
  2. Flying Officer: N218,400 monthly salary
  3. Flight Lieutenant: N232,484 monthly salary
  4. Squadron Leader: N248,004 monthly salary
  5. Wing Comdr: N342,586 monthly salary
  6. Group Captain: N352,631 monthly salary
  7. Air Commodore: N677,895 monthly salary
  8. Air Vice-Marshal: N1,376,343 monthly salary
  9. Air Marshal: N1,486,451 monthly salary
  10. Air Chief Marshal: N1,724,283 monthly salary



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